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Documentation & Certificates

Solitaire Entertainments Ltd is a professional company and we take our legal obligations, health & safety of our staff and customers very seriously.

You may find that your chosen venue requires copies of certain documents for any subcontractors that you employ, such as your disco or entertainment provider. They'll be asking to see copies of things like PLI, PAT records, Method Statements etc..

You can rest assured that Solitaire has all these things. For venues we visit regularly, we'll keep them up-to-date with documentation automatically. For those we visit less often, we can send or fax copies of documentation as required in advance, or bring them with us on the day of the event.

Be aware that many venues, especially hotels and public buildings, are bound by the terms of their own insurance to ensure that subcontractors provide evidence of certain policies, and Solitaire is well aware that many entertainers try to save money by not investing in insurance, safety testing etc. - especially those at the cheaper end of the market. It's entirely feasible that a DJ or entertainer who cannot produce the required documents may be denied access on the day of your event.

Validate our PLI at DJmark Validate our PAT at DJmark Validate our ProDub at DJmark Validate our References at DJmark Validate our Health & Safety at DJmark


Solitaire Entertainments Ltd carries Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5 million

Health & Safety

Solitaire Entertainments Ltd undertakes regular Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) on all of its electrical equipment which is used in public spaces.

We publish a Health & Safety Method Statement which all employees and subcontractors are fully appraised of. This ensures that the Company's stringent H&S requirements are consistently applied.

We undertake formal risk assessments at every venue prior to every event and all unacceptable risks are properly mitigated before the performace begins.

ProDub Licence

These days more and more DJs are using digital equipment rather than physical CDs or vinyl records. It is a legal requirement for DJs who "format shift" digital music (eg. copy from one medium to another or make multiple backup copies of files) to hold a ProDub Licence, administered by PRS for Music on behalf of the rights owners.

ProDub also applies to the majority of Karaoke tracks (not all producers subscribe but many do) and an additional cost "uplift" is payable to PRS for Music for these files.

It is a requirement of a venue's own public performance licence that they validate the ProDub status of digital DJs playing there and we are now experiencing more and more venues asking for evidence. It's entirely feasible that a DJ or entertainer without ProDub may be denied access on the day of your event.

The correct licencing of music is a complex area. For example, most private parties held in venues with no public access are exempt from public performance licencing but visiting DJs working for gain must adhere to ProDub. If you'd like to discuss this in more detail with us, we'll be happy to try to explain things to you. Alternatively, visit PRS for Music or the specific ProDub website.

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